Culture Canvas

We all know that the right culture is essential for an organization’s success. That’s why we developed the Culture Canvas. No fluffiness, no vague values: Culture becomes as easy as filling in a piece of paper – easy to understand and tangible to change.

Research shows that a good culture leads to higher productivity, more happiness, higher engagement and less sick-leaves. Most importantly, deep down we know what amazing things we’re capable of when we feel valued, listened to, and safe.

Use the Culture Canvas today to support your organisation’s goals and make your employees or colleagues do their best work.

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Why you should use it

Build the right culture!

Analyze your culture
Write down your observations and finish off by summarizing them. Analyzing your organization's culture becomes as easy as filling in a piece of paper.
Understand its impact
Understand how the organization's culture affects the work of your employees or colleagues. Which parts of the culture are helping them and which are limiting them in doing their best work?
Start build the right culture
Start build a culture that supports both the organisation’s goals and its people to do their best work. How would you like your organization to be in the future? Now is the time to make it happen.

How to use it

Written also on the back of the Culture Canvas

1. Sit together with a team
2. Fill in the Culture Canvas
3. Summarise your observations
4. Share with each other
5. Decide next steps

Need help?

Having difficulties filling in the Culture Canvas with your employees or colleagues? Want to have a better analysis, a deeper dialog and clearer outcomes?

AVEC facilitates dedicated Culture Canvas workshops, so you don't have to worry and start well building the right culture. Reach out now to know how we can help you!

Do you have a question, feedback or an idea you would like to share? Let us know.


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