Giving & Receiving Feedback Is Difficult – Here’s How to Do It Right

Sweaty palms, weak knees, and heavy arms. This is how we felt a couple of years ago when we received or had to give honest feedback. Do you recognize this?Feedback is essential for a healthy organisational culture, to work effectively with others. Being afraid of feedback creates a culture of dodging it, until it’s inevitable. Then you drop all your remarks at once, and the feedback becomes a bomb; Once dropped, it leaves a mess. At least, that’s what we see happening a lot in teams and organizations.

The First Step Towards Working Better Together Right Now: Understanding Organizational Culture

I said it before. Today’s way of organising work and running organisations is not working for us. We feel it, we know it, and most importantly, the numbers show it: Only 15% of employees are engaged because 67% are disengaged and a staggering 18% are actively disengaged. Moreover, 16% of employees have burnout symptoms, and while working remotely or in a hybrid way, we struggle with loneliness, boredom and stress.

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