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What we believe in

Our way of working was invented a century ago. Back then, work consisted of individual, manual, repetitive labor in factories.

Today, we’re not standing next to an assembly line, but spend our time working with others, coming up with, analyzing, sharing and carrying out ideas.

Not our hands, but our minds are our tools. Yet, century old principles still dictate how we work today, resulting in today’s challenges.

Time to recognize the human aspect of work. Today you don’t work more efficient or effective if you work longer hours, ignore your needs, or manage your time better – but align work with how you function as a human.

From fear to psychological safety, from monitoring to trusting and from avoiding to taking responsibility; This is what human-centered work looks like.

Let’s make working together work.

Our approach

How we make working together work in your organization, and how we make your employees and colleagues productive, engaged and happy.

1. Define
2. Prepare
3. Realize
4. Follow-up

Marc Vollebregt


Born half Dutch, Half French, Marc studied History at Utrecht University before studying Digital Business at Hyper Island in Stockholm. He has lived, worked and studied in The Netherlands, France, Morocco and Sweden, and is currently based in Amsterdam.

At the moment, he’s writing his approach of making organizations and work human into a book called ‘Zo werkt de mens’ for Business Contact. The book will be available in stores in september 2024, but you can already pre-order it here. Next to his work, Marc likes to surf waves, run kilometers and play records.

Elena Hansmann


From her work as a UX Designer in the corporate London financial sector to leading teams in an international creative agency, Ella learned that putting people at the center is what matters most.

She believes that through creativity, communication and curiosity we can foster impact driven collaboration that brings lasting positive change to businesses. At the moment she coaches learners and businesses to bring a human-centered approach not just to their products but to the very heart of the companies they work for: The people.

Next to work Elena teaches yoga and snaps pictures.

Clara van Haaften


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Clara traveled to Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics to make sure the local community would benefit from the event. That’s when she fell in love with using entrepreneurship as a force for good.

The past years, she continued by working with practically every impact organization in The Netherlands. Now she helps organizations tackle societal problems, by developing the right leaders.

Next to work, Clara loves to spend time with her family, ride her snowboard, and psst.. Beyoncé is her guilty pleasure.

Helen King

Creative Director at adidas


AVEC can't perform miracles but they can help a team who wants to work together. They help you figure out what's going wrong, what's going right, where you want to go as a team, how you want to work together, and what the next step is. They even helped our team do this and we're allergic to workshops – I guess they can actually perform miracles.


Rudy van Belkom

Executive Director of The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends


AVEC has a talent for creating a safe environment. As a result, they know how to get to the heart of the behavior that opposes necessary change in order to achieve positive results. It enables organizations to work from their strengths.


Marcel van Heist

Managing Director & Co-Founder at SPARK


“A correct reward system including salaries is sensitive but very important for a fast growing company. Through multiple sessions, some with all employees, AVEC helped SPARK develop the start of a transparent, open remuneration system that suits a flat organization, respects our people and fits our culture.”


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